Our Mission

We help clients navigate the maze of good choices they face in the philanthropic world. We use the Action Research method developed by Kurt Lewin, a former MIT professor, to provide a model and structure for coaching our clients as they develop a plan suited to their interests and high-impact giving for social change. We provide our clients with the best roadmap to achieve desired results for their decisions and donations.

Our Expertise

We focus on a variety of subject areas and can help you find just the right fit. We are also agnostic when advising our clients on how to translate their values into areas of opportunity for high-impact giving for social change. Our specialties include:

  • The Arts

  • Climate change communications

  • Corporate accountability

  • Environmental stewardship

  • Sustainable agriculture

  • Student led food co-ops

  • Youth empowerment

Our promise

  • To counsel you on a philanthropic identity based on your values and with a special emphasis on engaging next generations - especially millennials, the young adults who are shaping our future.  

  • To think strategically about charitable giving plans and collaborate with your wealth advisors to make the most of your overall wealth.

  • To evaluate grants and make recommendations to you for effective and efficient disbursements.

  • To build relationships focused on mission-driven partner engagement.