Frequently Asked Questions


1. I want my giving to make a difference, but I don’t know how. What direction can you give me?

We work with our clients to understand their histories of giving, values, and motivations. Since we build custom charitable giving plans for each client, we use a personalized approach – not a one-size-fits-all solution.

2. I’m young and new to this and want a strategic plan for now and the future. Is that realistic?

The relationships our clients have with their giving plans are evolving. This isn’t just a one-time transaction, but an opportunity to learn how your philanthropy can be dynamic and more satisfying over time. When you’re most clear about your vision of what’s possible, we can accomplish more – together.

3. I have a general idea where I want to give and how much, but I’d like to explore my options. How do we do that?

We use a process that emphasizes action and experimentation rather than simply talking about alternatives or discussing options. This means we identify your values and motivations more clearly and develop a concrete charitable giving plan. We enable you to have alignment with your general ideas as well as get deep and insightful feedback. Once we have your charitable giving plan completed, we provide specific ideas that translate your values into the initiatives and nonprofits that are a fit with your vision. Next, we research options in your areas of interest and make recommendations. As a result of your preferences, you may attend nonprofit events, donate strategically by starting small then increasing your commitment, join a cohort group of like-minded funders to share ideas, refer friends to support organizations, or accept board positions. We value how you distribute your time, talent, treasure, and ties to make the most of your giving. You may also choose to remain anonymous.

4. How do you research and evaluate my choices?

We research and evaluate grantees for their operational and financial viability to deliver impact on the issues you care about. We analyze organizations and their ability to succeed at their missions by applying over 30 years of professional experience that includes a deep understanding of nonprofits. We also leverage our network for information gathering and insights that might not be known. We are effective at reading between the lines about the people and organizations really getting the work done.

5. How will I know my giving is making a difference?

There are a lot of ways to know how your grantees are performing. If you are not involved with them directly, we’re happy to track their results and provide updates with qualitative and quantitative feedback. We conduct research and can complete landscape analysis on issue areas.

6. What can I expect from our relationship?

We prioritize an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality to ensure a client-centric experience based on your needs. We value enduring relationships built on honesty, integrity, and transparency. We believe in effective and timely communication along with mutual respect that enables us to have the ideal client and advisor relationship.

7. How long does this process take?

We will mutually determine an ideal timeline. It will depend on our objectives, and timing can vary when working with an individual versus multiple members of a family. We have completed assignments in as little as three months as well as enjoyed long-term, ongoing engagements up to multiple years.