Our Methodology

We work alongside you to navigate the maze of good choices you face in the philanthropic world. We use a well-known research method to provide a model and structure for coaching you as you develop a plan suited to your interests. We believe this collaborative process, based on the Action Research method of noted social psychologist Kurt Lewin, leads to the best results for your donations.

Our Support

We help you prepare for your decisions by reviewing all aspects of charitable organizations. This approach not only gives you confidence in your choice but ensures that you and your philanthropic destination are a good match. We look at an organization’s:

  • Board engagement

  • Business planning

  • Employee satisfaction

  • Financial soundness

  • Grant strategies

  • Impact results

  • Leadership effectiveness

  • Operational viability

  • Organizational culture  

  • Partner cultivation

  • Relationship management

we’ll work with you to find the joy in your giving.