Lessons of Giving Start One Example at a Time

There are so many ways to make a difference. Some of us give with our wallets. Some of us build with our hands. And some of us contribute our time. However we help others, giving by example can be the best way to establish a legacy of family philanthropy.

That’s the story of a woman we’ll call Sarah. She grew up in a family of modest means. But that didn’t mean they couldn’t give to others. Sarah’s mother volunteered, and she talked to Sarah about the charities that were important to her.

When Sarah reached high school, she followed her mother’s example. Sarah became a candy striper at a local hospital. And that tradition of giving continued as she got older, married and had children.

While on a family trip to the Far East, she and other like-minded people learned that a small group of homeless children needed an orphanage, a school and a sustainable farm for a reliable source of food. Through donations and volunteer work, they made that possible.

Sarah’s efforts were not lost on her youngest daughter, who helped raise money to provide the school with computers. Sarah’s daughter traveled back to the community to work with the school’s teachers to install laptops and support the students with a computer literacy program.

Three generations of philanthropy: grandmother, mother and daughter. A legacy of giving to support others in need. Making a difference in ways that matter to them.